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6 Pin HF power cord
6 Pin HF power cord
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About 6 Pin HF power cord
New 12 gauge 8\'6\' HF cable; Fits most Yaesu, Kenwood, ICOM, Alinco HF radios.

NEW 12 gauge 8\'6\' HF power cord

Fits Kenwood-Yeasu, ICOM and ICOM 706 series H.F. radios.  Soldered connections; Remember, NOT made in CHINA and NOT made in someone’s garage.


8 ft 6” of 12 gauge wire, complete with 2 - 25 amp fuse holders, 2 - 25 amp fuses and 6-pin connector.  ICOM and Yaesu sell this type (not 12 ga.) power cable  for $29.00.


A small list of other radios it will fit:

  • ICOM:  IC-706 ALL, IC-718, IC-746, IC-756 & many others (not IC-703)
  • KENWOOD:  TS-140, TS-440, TS-450, TS-570, TS-50, TS-2000 & others (not TS-480)
  • YAESU:  FT-847, FT-857, FT-897, FT-1000 & others (not FT-100 or FT-817)
  • TM-201B, TM-261A, TM-401B, TM-742A, TM-2530A, TM-2550A, TM-2550E, TM-2570A, etc.
  • TM-D700A, TM-G707A, TM-V7A, TR-751A, TR-751E, etc.
  •  TM-231, TM-241, TM-731, TM-732, TM-733, TM-741, TM-261, TM-V7, TM-G707, TM-D700, etc.
  • Also could be use for Yaesu Icom radio, like FT-7800r, FT-8900r, etc. 

Fits above and many, many others.  If we can add your HF radio to our incomplete list of HF radios our cable will fit, we will give you $3.00 credit off your next purchase.   Just email us and, if it is not on our list and fits your radio, you win!  We really would appreciate any help in getting our list improved. Thanks  Bill  (N6HBO)


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