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4\' Fiber Glass Poles (16 pack)
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$ 34.00

About 4\' Fiber Glass Poles (16 pack)
Used Military surplus 4 foot fiberglass interlocking poles, as advertised in CQ Magazine at $34.

This is the same pack advertised in CQ magazine for $34


$5 or less per pole delivered to your door. 16 pack of used fiberglass interlocking poles capable of reaching sixty (60 ft) feet.  Although this price ($5per pole or less shipped) there will be an additional $6.00 added for the shipping box.


These poles are great for wire-antenna applications, and can be used as a permanent or temporary solution for your base station, field day exercises, camping experiences, QRP applications, etc.  These can be used as a mast for VHF/UHF installations, whether temporary or permanent.  Guide rings are available for these poles and should be used for heights over twenty-five (25) feet.  See our other ads under Antennas Accessories for the guide rings.


Originally, these military surplus poles were used for elevating camouflage netting over encampments and artillary.  Very well made, and weigh 2 lbs 4 oz each.  These are not to be confused with the flimsy fiberglass poles sold elsewhere.  These are grade #1.


This package price is less than $5.00 per pole, delivered to your front door!  We sell these poles at ham swaps for $5.00 each, day in/day out.

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